Top of the range model in the X-line series from the world leaders in robotic mowing. Smart enough to negotiate the challenges of large and complex lawns – like multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain and slopes up to 45%. GPS-assisted navigation and a host of features including Automower® Connect make it the intelligent way to keep your lawn green, healthy and perfectly mowed. Remote Object Detection enables higher mowing speed and area capacity.The Automower® Connect app keeps you in control: track, interact and stay updated at the touch of a screen, wherever you are in the world.
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$ 4,999.00
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Remote object detection

Built-in sensors using ultrasonic technology helps the mower to detect objects, lowers the speed and avoid hard collisions.

Ultra-silent drive

Wheel motors with 2 step gearboxes, a new technology that enables ultra-silent drive. Gives an outstanding performance in perceived noise level and enables night time operation or 24/7 mowing in all kind of neighbourhoods.

GPS-assisted navigation - Patented

An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimised lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.

Automower® Connect

Automower® Connect gives you full control of the mower right in your smartphone. You can send start, stop and park commands, check and adjust the settings, and also receive alarms and track your mower’s position in case of theft – wherever you are.

Weather timer - Patented

Adjusts the working time to the lawn’s growth rate, meaning that Husqvarna Automower® will maximize its mowing time during periods of strong grass growth. In sunny or dry weather, or late in the season, the mower will spend less time mowing, which decreases wear on lawn and mower.

Theft protection by GPS

Products equipped with Automower Connect®/Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM immediately begin tracking its GPS position and send notifications to your devices. Makes the Automower® installation extra safe and minimises the risk of theft.

Automatic charging

When Automower® needs more power, it finds its own way back to the charging station.

Unique cutting system

Husqvarna Automower® cuts just a little grass, very frequently, assuring a nice, healthy lawn. Blades made of strong carbon steel pre-mounted on a robust cutting disc system, providing efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption.

Working area capacity 5000m² +/-20% /
Area capacity per hour 208m²
Navigation system Irregular
Charging system Automatic
Maximum incline within the working area 45% (24˚)
Maximum incline at boundary wire 15% (8.5˚)
Colour Granite Grey
Keypad 19 buttons
Information panel LCD display with settings menu
Timer Yes
Handle type Integrated
Wheel threads Coarse
Software update possibility Yes
Charging station search methods
Home signal Yes
Follow boundary wire Yes
Follow guide wire 3
Search system Penta search (5)
Power and charging
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity 10.4Ah
Battery voltage 18V
Charging current 7A
Typical charging time 60min
Typical mow time on one charge 270min
Maximum energy consumption 23kWh per month at 5000m²
Power cutting consumption during cutting 35 W
Sound & noise data
Sound Level measured: 58 dB(A), guaranteed: 59dB(A)
Power consumption during cutting 35w
Motor and cutting system
Drive motor type Ultrasilent drive, Brushless DC motor
Blade motor type 3-phase brushless DC motor
Cutting system 3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting height, min-max 20-60mm / 0.79 - 2.36 inch
Cutting width 24cm / 9.45 inch
Safety & Security Features
Alarm High
PIN code Yes
GPS Communication/Theft tracking Yes
Automower® Connect Yes
LED Headlights Yes
Installation lock Yes
Time lock Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Overall dimensions
Product size, LxWxH 720x560x310 mm
Weight 13.9kg

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